A Doctor’s Take On Vitamins For Women

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Vitamins for women are essential so their bodies function at optimal levels. Getting the right amounts of vitamins every day ensures that we have a good quality of life.

Women go through a range of hormonal cycles from puberty, menstruation, ovulation, post and pre-partum depression, and breastfeeding. However, when it comes to fulfilling our body’s dietary requirements, we need to know that all of us are different and have different needs. At the same time, there are some basic vitamins and minerals that the body requires—.

According to Dr. Taz, vitamins play a strong role in the course of all sorts of diseases, from autoimmune disorders, to diabetes and cancer. They can even help women maintain high levels of energy and enable them to manage stress.

5 Essential Vitamins For Women

Although we strongly suggest that you try to get your daily dose of nutrients from everyday foods, special vitamins for women can help you keep up with your intake. Additionally, if you suspect that you have a vitamin deficiency, you should get in touch with your doctor to figure out what kind of vitamins work best for you.

Since 37% of all women in the US are at risk of some kind of vitamin deficiency, it might be worthwhile to look into vitamins for women that can help you meet your nutrient requirements.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a vitamin B and especially important for women. A synthetic form of folate (vitamin B9), it plays an important role in the regeneration of new cells in every part of our body. In fact, without folic acid, cell regeneration might not even happen. This is also the reason why folic acid is prescribed during pregnancy as it helps prevent neural tube defects.

Considering that almost 300, 000 babies develop neural tube defects around the world every year, up to 70% of these neural tube defects are preventable by supplementing with folic acid.

That’s not it, according to a research study in the journal Circulation, consuming adequate amounts of folic acid everyday has been reported to show an 11 percent reduction in congenital heart defects. Another research study concluded that the right levels of folate in the body might even reduce the risks of having obese children.

Vitamin B12

Also called cobalamin, vitamin b12 is not produced naturally in the body but you’ll find it in meat and can be taken as a dietary supplement. Vitamin b12 plays a range of different roles in our body with the most important one being in the formation of red blood cells.

In fact, women with vitamin b12 deficiencies tend to form larger and oval red blood cells, making it difficult for them to pass through the bone marrow to the bloodstream at a normal pace. This leads to the development of anemia, a condition where there aren’t enough red blood cells to transport oxygen to your red vital organs.

Vitamin D

Our bodies produce vitamin D naturally when exposed to direct sunlight. While vitamin D has a range of important functions for the body, the most important ones include regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus while facilitating normal functioning of the immune system.

Maintaining appropriate vitamin D levels is especially important for women because it helps regulate mood and wards off depression. This can be especially useful during pre and post-natal phases when hormonal fluctuations can induce sudden changes in mood and trigger feelings of depression.

If you’re looking shed those extra pounds, vitamin D can actually streamline the path to helping you achieve your fitness goals. According to a research study, individuals taking a vitamin D supplement were able to lose more weight compared to those taking a placebo. According to the researchers, additional calcium had appetite-suppressing effects. Additionally, obese individuals who supplemented with vitamin D dramatically improved their heart disease risk markers.


From relaxing your muscles to creating the primary energy molecules, magnesium plays a key role across different functions in the human body. Even though it’s important for both men and women, it has a few additional benefits for women.

Perhaps the most important role magnesium plays is during and after pregnancy. Deficiency in magnesium can lead to medical problems like preeclampsia, inadequate fetal growth and even stillbirth. Pregnant women between the ages of 20 and 30 should try to consume at least 350 mg of magnesium every day.

Magnesium also plays a key role in alleviating the symptoms of PMS. If you face symptoms like fluid retention, tenderness in your breasts or bloating, taking at least 360mg magnesium might benefit you. Additionally, while some might consider calcium and vitamin D to be the all they need to develop and maintain bone strength, there’s evidence that suggests that a deficiency in magnesium may be a contributing factor to postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Vitamin K

If you haven’t done it yet, consider adding a vitamin k supplement to your diet. According to the Harvard School of Public Health vitamin k plays a pivotal role in producing 4 out of the 13 proteins needed for blood clotting. Therefore, it helps the body maintain normal blood pressure. It also aids in developing bone strength by ensuring that calcium finds its way to the bones in order to help them develop properly.

While maintaining a healthy diet is important, it can be hard to make sure that our bodies are getting all the nutrients they need. That’s where dietary supplements come in. At Tayba Nutritionals, we have a wide range of Certified Halal vitamin supplements for children and adults. Our supplements are made using 100% clean ingredients and are backed by extensive research, which means they will get the job done!

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