Halal Supplements Made With The Purest Ingredients

Natural, Halal Supplements That Enrich Your Days For A Wholesome And Healthy Life

Clean Ingredients
Clean Ingredients
We Use Only The Cleanest Ingredient For Each Gummy and Capsule To Offer Completely Halal Supplements
Certified 100% Halal
Certified 100% Halal
We're Not A Halal Supplement Brand For Nothing, Tayba Nutritionals Is Halal-Certified
Medically Optimized
Medically Optimized
We Work With Medical Experts To Offer You Halal Supplements That Are Vetted By The Professionals
Delicous Halal Supplements
No Artifical Dyes
Full Of Fruity Goodness!

At Tayba Nutritionals, we make Halal supplements that taste downright delicious. Our products come in natural, fruity flavors to meet your daily nutrient needs and are an absolute treat for your taste buds. Besides just the taste, all our ingredients and products are put through strict quality assurance to deliver a consistently high-quality supplement that gives you energy boosts throughout the day, and the tools to live healthy.

We get it, pills are hard to swallow and no one likes supplements that taste like cough syrup. Plus, no one wants more “fruit flavored” multivitamins that really taste like medicine.

At Tayba Nutritionals, we’ve cracked the code for supplements, that are delicious to boost. Check out our store to see what we flavors we offer.

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The Inspiration Behind Tayba Nutritionals

Underlying our efforts and products is a mission to offer Shariah compliant nutritional supplements to the Muslim community in the United States. As practicing Muslims and medical professionals, we realized that its incredibly difficult to find high-quality supplements for Muslims. With this realization we developed a product that everyone in your family can enjoy. When it comes to health and wellness, we don’t leave anyone behind.

At Tayba Nutritionals, we have something for everyone. Our products are made with Shariah Compliant ingredients, clean, and vetted by a team of quality assurance experts and medical professionals.We work tirelessly to make it easy for you to find supplements that are nutritious and allowed for you to take. From that moment on, Tayba Nutritionals has become a trusted supplements brand for Muslims throughout the country.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, Halal-certified supplement brand, look no further than Tayba Nutritionals. We offer children and adult multivitamins, Vitamin C supplements, Vitamin D supplements, and much more. Get in touch with us today for more information on our products or to figure out what mix of supplements is right for you.