Can you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need from the food you eat daily? The short answer is NO!

It’s a common misconception; we’d even go so far as to say that food has been advertised that way. In reality, the foods we eat daily (assuming you’re eating right) do contain several vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our bodies need to function optimally…but how much exactly? The best way to explain this is to let the numbers speak for themselves!

We’ll start with Vitamin A! To get your optimal daily 1200 mcg of Vitamin A, you’d have to eat about 8 medium-sized carrots. When’s the last time you did that? Ensuring that your daily meals are reaching optimal nutrient goals can be a time-consuming nightmare on its own. That’s the reason Vitamin supplements exist! They make it easier, faster, and more effective for you to keep all of your nutrient levels exactly where they need to be. Of course, that’s assuming you’ve done your research and consulted with a healthcare professional to ensure that the supplements you’re taking are, in-fact, specifically formulated to provide you with optimal daily levels, no more, no less.

It is also the reason that Tayba Nutritionals Adult Multivitamin came to be! Our team of healthcare professionals came together to create a single supplement that contains the optimal levels of all the critical nutrients you need while leaving out the minerals that not everyone needs. That makes it a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to start or maintain a daily health routine optimized for maximum absorption and benefits. Plus…it tastes delicious!

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