Vitamin D-3 Gummies


Vitamin D3 Gummies

Each Bottle Contains:

  • Servings: 45
  • Serving Size: 2 gummies
  • Vitamin D 50mcg

*Check labeling for complete list of ingredients.

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Vitamin D3 Supplements
Halal, Delicious, and Nutritious

We get vitamin D3 from sun exposure, a lot of women in the United States currently suffer from various symptoms of D3 deficiency. One of the ways to keep up with your vitamin D3 intake is to try out our vitamin D3 gummies.

Tayba Nutritionals’ Halal vitamin D3 gummies are made with completely natural colors and free of any artificial dyes. These vitamins D3 gummies were made in collaboration with medical experts to figure out the optimal amount of vitamins needed by the human body on a daily basis to make sure that you never have to worry about any deficiency-related symptoms.

Reasons To Take Vitamin D3 Gummies

Both adults and children need vitamin D3 for a wide range of health reasons. Some of these include:

  • Strengthens bones and muscles by facilitating calcium absorption.
  • It boosts immunity
  • Has shown potential to reduce the effects of mood disorders like depression and anxiety.
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Crucial for maintaining heart health.

Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin deficiency symptoms are subtle and it takes a keen eye to recognize that you might need to up your vitamin intake. That said, some symptoms of vitamin D3 deficiency include:

  • Frequent bouts of illness
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Joint pain and back pain
  • Hair loss
  • Slow healing

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you should get in touch with your primary healthcare provider to see if you have a vitamin D3 shortfall. If yes, you should try out our vitamin d3 gummies.

Note: None of these statements have been approved by the FDA. These products are not proven to treat, prevent, or have any therapeutic effects for any illness. You should never use any kind of supplements to treat your illnesses and determine your use with help from a medical professional.

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All Tayba Nutritionals Vitamins Are

100% Halal
All Tayba Nutritionals gummies are free of animal byproducts, making them completely Shariah compliant.
You're taking your gummies either way, so why not enjoy them? Our gummies are full of fruit flavor!
If an ingredient doesn't belong in vitamins, then it's not in our vitamins! Clean ingredients for your peace of mind.
Weight10 oz
Suggested Use:

2 Gummies daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.


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