The Benefits Of Using Halal Multivitamins

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While no one disputes the fact that a healthy vitamin intake is essential for a wholesome and fulfilling life, most people in the country still suffer from vitamin deficiencies. The latest reports suggest that the average adult in the US is deficient in Vitamins A,C,D, and E. Adding multivitamins to your diet is a great way to make up for this shortfall—it’s even better if you add halal multivitamins to your diet.

What’s So Special About Halal Multivitamins?

There aren’t many multivitamin brand in the market that you, as a conscientious buyer, can buy. There are all sorts of considerations you must look into when buying generic brand multivitamins—are the ingredients humanely sourced, are they Halal, and vegan friendly?

To give a short answer—it’s unlikely that your everyday multivitamins meet all of these standards. Fortunately, Halal multivitamins can.

How So?

At Tayba Nutritionals, we follow strict Halal certified manufacturing protocols to ensure that you get pure, clean, and 100% Halal multivitamins straight to your doorstep. Some of our products are made purely out of plant-based gelatin substitutes, while others are made from animal-derived ingredients; that are guaranteed Halal.

You should drop us a line for more information on our products and to figure out how to add our Halal multivitamins to your daily dietary regimens.

What Do Halal Multivitamins Offer That Others Do Not?

Although the nutritional value of Halal and non-Halal multivitamins are the same; Halal multivitamin go through a much stricter quality assurance process. For example, we have to go through routine spot-checks to make sure that we comply with Halal certification requirement and demand that we consistently maintain our hygiene and quality standards.

For this reason, you can expect the following value-additions to your multivitamins:

1.    All Animal-Derived Ingredients Are Cruelty Free

Love and respect for animals is one of the fundamental tenets of Islamic faith. Even if it’s for consumption, it is demanded that the animal is well-fed and cared-for instead of treated purely as a product. As a living-being, humane treatment of animals is a crucial component of Halal manufacturing practices.

2.    Hygiene Is A Top Priority

One basic requirement of Halal manufacturing practices is that under no circumstance should the products be stored or produced with non-Halal products. All the machinery, storage space, and transportation should be used strictly for Halal products to ensure their purity and cleanliness.

3.    Equal Nutritional Values as Non-Halal Multivitamins

There is absolutely no difference between the nutritional values of non-Halal and Halal multivitamins. In fact, there’s the additional benefit that you get clean, pure, and highly nutritious supplements that are supportive of your lifestyle choices.

Tayba Nutritionals was founded on the principle of providing our customers with Shariah compliant Halal multivitamins. Our multivitamin gummies for adults and kids are made using clean and pure ingredients, to offer a medically optimized supplement that adds value to you and your family’s lives. Visit our online store today to place an order for our Halal multivitamins and supplements for adults and children.

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