The Health Benefits Of Taking Halal Vitamin C

halal vitamin c

About 23 million people in the United States live with a Vitamin C deficiency and all of them will agree that vitamin C deficiency takes a lot out of them. Recurrent skin problems, joint pain, bleeding gums, shortness of breath—these aren’t easy problems to live with.  

Luckily, the fix is really easy; just add Tayba Nutritionals’ halal vitamin C gummies to your diet. With our Vitamin C gummies, you’ll find that last stretch of your workday or workout routine isn’t all that bad. 

The newfound energy that people report from taking Vitamin C supplements isn’t a hoax—Vitamin C is necessary for a healthy body. From boosting your immunity and promoting healing, to better bone and skin health; Vitamin C is everywhere on the scene—making sure that you function at the highest levels, mentally and physically.

While you could buy any vitamin C supplement on the market, you’re probably better off with the Halal variety. Let’s take a look at why taking Vitamin C supplements, and specifically, Halal Vitamin C supplements is a great idea.

1.    Vitamin C Boosts Your Immunity

Research indicates that Vitamin C is an important factor in deciding the strength of your immune system. Studies have shown that Vitamin C increases resistance to any illness-causing microbes in the bloodstream by strengthening cell walls and prevents infections in wounds.

Other research also indicates that Vitamin C is found in white blood cells that fight off bacteria to prevent infections. For this reason, these studies prescribe adequate vitamin C intake to enhance the immune system and prevent prolonged infectious illnesses.

2.    Vitamin C Is Great For The Skin

While research on this is still underway, Vitamin C has shown the potential to increase collagen production and anti-aging effects by maintaining your skin’s suppleness. Lower collagen production causes wrinkles, slower healing of the skin, and other cosmetic changes indicating vitamin deficiencies.

Medical reviews of the literature on the benefits of Vitamin C for the skin also report its antioxidant effects to protect the skin from pollution and UV radiation. So, if you’re looking to stay younger for longer, you should consider Halal vitamin C supplements for your skincare routines.

3.    Vitamin C Enhances Your Healing Ability

Vitamin C also plays a central role in the formation of new tissues. Scientists have observed higher concentrations of vitamin C at wound sites that haven’t healed compared to healed wounds. This evidence goes hand-in-hand with other research that connects poor healing abilities with vitamin C deficiencies in patients who have undergone surgery.

Vitamin C’s role in collagen production and immunity increases the rate at which your body heals itself. Not only does Vitamin C help with disinfection, but it increases new tissue formation to get you moving faster.

4.    Vitamin C May Prevent Iron Deficiency

Iron is a primary ingredient in the formation of new blood cells and has a direct impact on more bodily functions than anyone can count. Iron deficiencies can cause anemia, slower metabolism, lower stamina and energy, and many other health problems.

This is especially difficult for people on a meat-free diet because our bodies don’t digest iron from plant sources as well as those from animal sources. Vitamin C, however, raises the bioavailability of iron from plant sources to increase absorption rates and lowering the risk of iron deficiency.

5.    Vitamin C Has Antioxidant Properties

There is general agreement across the medical community that increased oxygen levels in the blood increase the risk of developing numerous chronic illnesses. Higher oxygen concentrations increase inflammation in the body and inflict intense damage in the process. Some conditions caused by oxidative stress include dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and many others.

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that normalize blood oxygen levels to reduce inflammation. For this reason, people say that Vitamin C may prevent the development of the mentioned chronic conditions. It’s still not a sure shot, though, and scientists are debating whether Vitamin C can actually prevent conditions caused by oxidative stress (increased inflammation from high oxygen concentrations).

Halal Vitamin C Supplements Are Free Of Any Animal-Derived Ingredients

Halal multivitamins use plant-based ingredients across the board. While most generic multivitamin brands use gelatin to make gummies and capsules, any Halal multivitamin will use alternatives that are commonly derived from plant cellulose (HPMC) or modified starch sourced from potatoes and corn.

If you’re looking for organic and animal-free vitamins, you should consider Halal multivitamins as alternatives to the generic market brands. Halal vitamin C (or multivitamins) manufacturers also go through strict compliance checks to make sure that their products are sourced from non-animal and hygienic sources, in addition to thorough quality checks. Check out our online store to order our delicious and highly nutritious Halal Vitamin C gummies. Tayba Nutritionals only offers Halal-certified multivitamins that are free of animal by-products and put through extensive quality checks to deliver a high-quality supplement.

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