What Are Halal Multivitamins?

halal multivitamins

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a multivitamin in the US that doesn’t have some ingredient derived from animals. This is a problem for Muslims and vegans whose lifestyles don’t allow animal by-product in their diets, even if it’s a small capsule that they take once a day. Faced with this problem, should you compromise on your health and nutritional intake? Of course not. You can take Halal multivitamins instead.

These supplements are made with plant-based ingredients, and don’t use any animal-based ingredients that would violate your ethical or religious principles. Halal multivitamins offer the same nutritional values with the added benefit of falling completely in line with your lifestyles.

What Even Is A ‘Halal’ Multivitamin?

Halal multivitamins are vetted by organizations that certify them as Halal or ensure that no gelatin is used to make them. Typically, to get Halal certified, manufacturers have to comply with strict quality assurance standards depending on their certifying authority. These products are also put through routine inspections by the certifying authority to ensure consistent compliance with halal standards.

These additional requirements ensure that Halal multivitamins are much cleaner and mitigate any sanitary or health risks. If you think that FDAs manufacturing and quality assurance standards are high, meeting the requirements for Halal certification is a whole new ball game. So, it’s generally a good idea that you go for Halal multivitamins regardless of whether you follow a specific lifestyle that prescribes them.

What Does It Mean For Something To Be Halal?

While the standards imposed by Halal certification authorities differ, they all agree on the definition of the term Halal. This is an Arabic term which literally translates to “lawful” and differentiates all the kinds of food and products that Muslims can consume from those that they can’t.

For something to qualify as Halal, it must not be manufactured from Haram (unlawful) animals such as pigs, pests, birds of prey, amphibians, and any other animal prohibited for consumption in Islam. Non-Halal beverages include alcohol, toxic liquid, and essentially any beverage/food that causes intoxication.

Additionally, Halal food cannot be prepared on the same premises as non-Halal food unless the proper cleaning procedures are prescribed in Islam are followed. In the event that any animals are used in the manufacturing of any product, they must also be sourced in a Shariah-Compliant manner.

How Are Halal Multivitamins Different From Non-Halal Ones?

Most manufacturers use gelatin to make multivitamins capsules and gummies. It’s a well-known fact that gelatin is manufactured from the bone, cartilage, and hooves of animals—typically pigs and, in some cases, cows. While gelatin isn’t an essential ingredient for the multivitamin formula itself, it is a crucial ingredient for manufacturing the capsule you have to swallow. If you go around the market, you’ll find empty capsules that you can fill with multivitamins, package them, and you’re ready to go.

For Muslims, gelatin derived-from pigs is forbidden; no questions asked. Halal multivitamins, on the other hand, use gelatin made from Halal sources like cows and sometimes plant-based alternatives.

Gelatin Alternatives Used In Halal Multivitamins

Multiple alternatives to gelatin are now being used to manufacture a range of multivitamins specifically for vegetarians. Over the past few years, with an increasing number of people adopting vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, the market is shifting toward these gelatin-alternatives that are halal and vegan-friendly. For this reason, purely organic and plant-based alternatives like modified-starch and HPMC have come to the fore to produce animal by-product-free multivitamins.

How Are Halal Multivitamins Manufactured?

Anyone who’s serious about selling Halal multivitamins, like Tayba Nutritionals, will take all sorts of steps to keep their multivitamins free of gelatin made from forbidden animals. We follow the strictest quality assurance procedures and ensure that we use purely organic, Halal ingredients for our multivitamins and gummies.

For some of our products, we use gelatin alternatives derived from plant sources. These plants are organically grown to make our capsules and gummies—delivering halal multivitamins that make for a wholesome addition to your nutritional plans. Additionally, we work with certified nutritional and health specialists who act in advisory capacities to vet every product that goes through our manufacturing processes. If you’re looking to buy Halal multivitamins, you can’t go wrong if you choose Tayba Nutritionals.

If you’re interested in buying certified Halal multivitamins, check out our online store now. We offer a wide range of halal supplements and multivitamins for all age groups. We also run monthly delivery subscriptions without you having to place an order every few days. True to our name, Tayba Nutritionals offers pure, Halal, and highly nutritious multivitamins to make sure that you live a wholesome and healthy life. 

How Can I Tell If My Multivitamins are Halal?

First, you should check out the labels on your multivitamins. Typically, multivitamin labels tell you if there’s gelatin in them, and you could also possibly check with your manufacturer if they’re using non-Halal gelatin in their products. Additionally, you should see if there are any references to modified starch or HPMC on the labeling, too, because that might be an indication that your chosen multivitamins are Halal.

Second, and most importantly, you should look up the manufacturer online and then check if they have any certifications from reliable authorities. All reliable multivitamin manufacturers are certified Halal by one or more of the following organizations:

If your chosen multivitamin is Halal, then the certification is the first thing the manufacturer will show you. If you can’t find a reliable certificate on their profiles—you should ask them directly and refrain from using their products.

Coincidentally, Tayba Nutritionals multivitamins are also Halal certified, so you can be sure that our multivitamins are free of any animal by-products. Our adult multivitamins are recognized as some of the best in the industry. 

Get in touch with us today to place an order for our Halal multivitamins or to speak to our team about our ingredients and certifications.

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